Saturday, November 8, 2008

1989 Topps 2

#80 Cory Snyder

I got this card signed through the mail in either the late '80s or early '90s(probably 1989 or '90). I don't know the exact date. But, in the words of 30-year old Cardboard, this might be my "That Guy". Cory had 83 home runs in his first three seasons in the big leagues (so, naturally I was pretty excited when I got this autograph). So I, like many people, thought that Cory was going to have a Barry Bonds-like career (or at least Mark McGwire). He then hit 66 home runs throughout the rest of his career (which lasted until 1994). But, that is life and that is baseball. Pitchers adjust and some hitters can't. This goes both ways.

I do wish that he would have signed it in a place that would have made it more readable, like across his shoulders.

Also, on a side note, I hate sets that don't put the player's position on the front.


Michael said...

I have about 100 of his rookie cards (USA baseball) if you want them :)

zman40 said...

I've got a couple, so I should be good. Thanks for the offer, though.