Saturday, November 29, 2008

1973 Topps

#461 Mike Corkins

This is the second Padrograph of a guy I have never heard of. Mike had a short career. He played in parts of six seasons and had five Topps cards made of him. He was mostly a reliever who made some spot starts occasionally. His career ERA was 4.39. In 1970 he had seventy five strikeouts to go along with seventy nine walks. Ouch. The stat that really stands out to me is his five home runs, one of which was a grand slam. In 1973, he had thirty-three at bats and hit three homers and only one double.

But, the best part of this card is obviously the yellow uniform. That thing is AWESOME! Have the Padres worn any of these games lately as throwbacks? It would be cool to see some modern players in those (even though the they are never the same as the originals). Unfortunately, this is the only card I have signed where the player is sporting a yellow uniform. But, at least I have one.

One last note. The card is not miscut. For some reason, the scanner lopped off the top.


night owl said...

I've never seen the Padres going retro in those god-awfully-beautiful '72 uniforms, although I'm sure Padre fans would know better than I.

They seem to trot out the brown-and-gold things from the late '70s, but never the '72s (maybe the players refuse?) There are lots of '73 Padres cards with those colorful unis.

Rod said...

There is a Jake Peavy checklist card from Upper Deck this year in this lovely yellow uniform

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I wonder where was this photo taken? You don't see too many cards with players standing in front of odd brick buildings. It looks like it was taken in alley somewhere lol.

zman40 said...

After a long search, I finally found that Peavy card on ebay. That's a sweet looking card. I love the yellow socks with brown stirrups.