Sunday, November 30, 2008

1976 Topps 2

#266 Alan Foster

Here is the third straight Padrograph of a guy that I had never heard of until I got this card from Rod. Alan pitched parts of ten seasons with five teams. He was predominantly a starter, but spent most of his time relieving his last two years. Nothing in his stats really stands out much. He had a decent ERA. He has some bad strikeout/walk ratios, especially coming out of the bullpen the last two seasons.

Unfortunately, no yellow uniforms. Just your standard off-white, I guess. But, we do get to see the great hats that the Padres wore for about ten years. I always liked those hats. I even have the '80s version of that hat, which has a little bit of orange in it.


night owl said...

Alan Foster was a very high draft choice of the Dodgers in the '60s. He didn't do a heck of lot for them and they eventually traded him in the early '70s.

For some reason, when I was a kid, his 1975 Topps card was one of my favorites. He was with the Cardinals then, and it's nothing more than a head shot. Nothing special at all. Who can explain what goes through 9-year-old's heads?

zman40 said...

I know what you mean. The '86 Topps Steve Sax was one of my favorites as a seven year-old.