Wednesday, February 28, 2018

1993 Upper Deck, Doug Henry

#395 Doug Henry

Here is another card of Doug Henry, the Royals former bullpen coach. In my last post about Doug, and probably all the posts about Doug, I talked about how he was my go-to guy if I was striking out on autographs at the ballpark. I knew I could always head down to the Royals bullpen and grab one from him so that I didn't go home empty handed. That was the case this past August when I took the family to St. Louis to see the Royals play.

I have been to a handful of Royals/Cardinals games in Kansas City and, to be honest, I never really cared for them because there were always too many Cardinal fans for my liking. But, I have always wanted to make the trip to St. Louis to see how the match-up was on the other side of the state. To my amazement, it was much better than taking in the game in Kansas City.

Royals/Cards games in Kansas City bring out the loud, obnoxious, super annoying Cardinal fans that nobody wants to be around. I have been to a Cubs/Cardinals game in Chicago and it was the same story there. But the Royals/Cards game in St. Louis was a whole new ballgame as it was just your normal, casual fans. We were all rocking our Royals gear all day long, from a riverboat ride, to the arch, to a local brewery, and throughout the game. Not once did we hear any of the usual crap we normally hear in Kansas City. They say Cardinal fans are some of the best in the game and they just might be right, when in St. Louis.

As for 'graphing the game, it was a stinker. The only Royal that stopped after batting practice to sign was Brandon Moss and he only signed a few and not for me. I went out to the outfield a little later and tried to get Cardinals bullpen coach, Blaise Ilsley, to sign for me. He turned me down, so I turned to old faithful, Doug Henry.

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