Sunday, February 11, 2018

1993 Donrus, Ozzie Canseco

#336 Ozzie Canseco

Here is the fifth and final card of Ozzie Canseco that I got signed during his days in the American Association. Ozzie was the hitting coach for the Sioux Falls Canaries and I got this particular card signed at a Wingnuts game in 2016.

Ozzie's career in St. Louis lasted all of fifteen games. He played in nine games in 1992 and six in 1993. Over his 54 at-bats with the organization, he hit .239 with 5 doubles and 3 RBI. Despite playing in just nine games in '92, Ozzie still managed to appear in six different '93 sets- Bowman, Donruss, Pacific, Pinnacle, Score, and Stadium Club. That was one of the benefits of having more than one company making cards, there was more opportunities for lesser players to have cards made of them.

Between Ozzie and his twin brother, Jose, they have a combined 462 home runs between the two of them. The only problem is that Jose hit all 462 of those bombs. Despite hitting over 100 home runs in the affiliated minor leagues, Ozzie was not able to knock one out of the park in any of his 74 Major League plate appearances.

Nonetheless, Ozzie was super nice the two times that I met him and seemed to appreciate signing for me. At the very least, he liked seeing the cards I had of him as it really took him back.

Here are the other four cards that I got signed by Ozzie.

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