Saturday, August 30, 2014

1994 Fleer, Tim Wallach

#527 Tim Wallach

Here is a card that I got signed by Tim Wallach earlier this summer. Tim is the bench coach for the Dodgers and I was able to get three cards signed by him when the Dodgers came to Kansas City.

On that day, there were a lot of people out 'graphing the parking lot, much more than I am used to. Very few players signed that day, but I got a few cards signed by some of the Dodger coaches. When Tim arrived in his cab, everyone gathered around to see who it was. Tim popped out and everyone faded away. Everyone except for me, of course. I recognized him from his picture on the Dodgers website and I asked him to sign. Once people saw him signing, a small group came over to get in on the action.

It is not too often that I am the one identifying opposing players outside of the ballpark. It is hard enough figuring out who is who during batting practice when most of them have jackets on hiding their name and number. It is even harder when they pull up in normal clothes in the parking lot. You don't know if it is an actual player or a trainer half of the time.

I had gotten Tim's autograph through the mail about twenty years ago and I posted that card in the first year of this blog. It is amazing how little his signature has changed over time.

Tim spent three and a half of his final four seasons playing with the Dodgers. During that time, he hit .251 with 48 home runs and 200 RBI.

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