Tuesday, August 12, 2014

1992 Upper Deck, Rex Hudler

#670 Rex Hudler

A couple of weeks ago, I had back-to-back posts of Dave Eiland. Now it is time for back-to-back posts of Rex Hudler.

This is the third Rex Hudler card that I have posted on here. Like the previous two, this one was signed outside of Kauffman Stadium prior to the Royals final game of the 2012 season.

Rex joined the Cardinals early in the 1990 season after being traded there by the Expos. That first season in St. Louis was was Rex's finest season at that point. He had career highs in average (.281), home runs (7), and RBI (22). He played two more seasons with the Cards, but his numbers slipped enough in 1991 that he only saw 98 at-bats in 1992.

Like I mentioned in the previous Rex Hudler posts, he is the color commentator for the Royals TV broadcasts.

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