Thursday, August 7, 2014

1992 Topps, Kenny Lofton

#69 Kenny Lofton

This is the second card of Kenny Lofton that I have posted from this year's College World Series. Kenny signed at the Capital One booth this year and I was able to make it through the line several times. I posted the first card from the signing last month and you can read about that experience here.

Kenny's time in Houston lasted all of twenty games during the 1991 season. He was a September call-up and he started seventeen of the Astros final twenty-one games of the season. He had a nice Major League debut, going 3-4 with a double against the Reds. He came back to reality the rest of the month and finished the season, and his Houston tenure, with a .203 average, that one double, and two stolen bases.

The following off-season, Kenny and Dave Rohde were shipped off to Cleveland for Eddie Taubensee and Willie Blair. I am not proficient with Astros history by any means, but that has got to be one of their worst deals ever.

I said earlier that I went through the Lofton signing booth multiple times. I probably took six cards of Kenny with me because I could not decide which ones I wanted signed. Out of all those cards, this was the last one that I got signed. It is a nice looking card, but it was a low priority because I had gotten an Astros minor league card signed during my first excursion through the line. And, way back when, I had gotten an Astros card signed by Kenny through the mail.

This is my last post until sometime next week. After work today, my family and my best friend's family are headed to Chicago to see a Cubs game. Since it is the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field, we figured it would be a fun time for my best friend and I to check out the park again. But, more importantly, the rest of the families have never been there, or Chicago for that matter, and it is going to be fun to take them there.

Since the Cubs are giving away "First Night Game" bobbleheads at the game that look like they feature Rick Sutcliffe, we figured we might as well stop at a Clinton Lumberkings game on the way home and pick up a Kyle Seager bobblehead. Then we will be at Field of Dreams on Sunday before trekking on home.

It is going to be a quick weekend with a lot of driving and baseball. I just hope the wives enjoy it.

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