Monday, August 18, 2014

1993 Leaf, John Kruk

#366 John Kruk

There has been quite a few repeat players on here of late, but that is changing for the next few days. First up is the first of five John Kruk cards.

John was one of the signers at this year's College World Series Fanfest. I usually head up to the CWS on Saturday morning, but this year we decided to check out the Henry Doorly Zoo next to old Rosenblatt. Every year I have been to Omaha, I always said that I wanted to go to the zoo. Finally, after seven years, it actually happened. Since I had the family and my dad this year, I figured the zoo would be some good non-baseball entertainment for them. To make that happen, we went up there Friday morning. But, since I was in Omaha on Friday, I made sure we left the zoo in time to get to Fanfest to get autographs from Aaron Boone and John Kruk.

John signed at the AT&T booth on Friday and then made a surprise visit to the Buick booth on Saturday. Because of the two signings, I think I came home with five cards signed and a couple of 8x10s.

John's signing at the AT&T booth was probably the slowest moving line I had ever been in at that tent. Normally, that it not a positive thing, but with Krukker it was. It was slow moving because John would talk to every single person for as long as that person would stand there and talk back. It was pretty awesome. Most of the guys that are there are friendly, but nobody has come close to John Kruk's level. For instance, when my fiance and kid got up to him, he was asking how old he was and what position he played. He just went out of his way to make everybody feel welcome and that is not something done by many former athletes.

John Kruk is an awesome dude!

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