Wednesday, August 13, 2014

1993 BBM, Rex Hudler

#327 Rex Hudler

This is just the second Japanese card that I have gotten signed. The first one had some Royal ties and it was obtained five years ago. This one was acquired this Spring Training.

My family went to Arizona for the second straight year to watch some spring ball. We of course hit up a Royals game and I decided to 'graph the Rangers side. But, to not miss out, I sent my fiance and kid to see what they could get on the Royals side. None of us were doing very good, but I noticed that Rex was out on the field doing a pregame show. I called my soon to be better half to let her know because I really wanted this card signed. She said that she would do what she could.

So, she kept an eye on Rex while watching out for any other Royals that came her way. While trying to flag down a player, Rex started to leave the field. At the last second, she noticed this, and sent our kid over to the dugout. He is just nine-years old, but he was able to get Rex to sign before heading up to the booth and Rex signed two cards for him/me.

Rex spent just one season in Japan and he did really well. He hit .300 while hitting 14 home runs and driving in 64. He did good enough there to get a job back in the states the following season.

This card is slightly smaller than a normal card. It it no where near mini-card small, but it is not quite full sized. The border on the card reminds me of some early '90s Pro Set football cards.

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