Sunday, August 3, 2014

1992 Leaf, Bill Pecota

#244 Bill Pecota

Here is the fourth Bill Pecota card that I have posted from this year's Royals Fanfest. The first three featured Bill as a Royal. Now I finally have one of him as a Met.

The reason I wanted a signed Mets card of him is because he was packaged into the deal that is widely considered as one of the worst in Royals history. On December 11th, 1991, Bill and Bret Saberhagen were shipped off to New York for Kevin McReynolds, Keith Miller, and Gregg Jefferies.

The funny thing about that trade is that the trade really didn't benefit either team. Saberhagen, the centerpiece of the deal, would pitch four seasons in New York and pitch in twenty or more games once. Pecota played there just one season and hit just .227. For Kansas City, McReynolds lasted two seasons and hit .246 with just 24 home runs and 91 RBI. Jefferies only lasted a season and he hit .285 with 75 RBI. Miller played with KC for four seasons. But, after 416 at-bats and a .284 average the first year, he would see just 138 at-bats over the next three years.

So, all in all, the trade was a push.

Over Bill's career, he played every position at least once. He caught once, pitched and played center twice, and played the corner outfield spots less than twenty times. Most of his time was spent playing infield.

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