Thursday, January 14, 2010

1999 Topps, Phil Norton

#428 Phil Norton

Here is a card that I got in the mail last month from Paul, of Paul's Random Stuff. More than likely, Paul got this card signed at an Atlantic League game. Phil Norton only pitched on 12 Atlantic League games, so it was a good job of Paul to get these (I am assuming he still has one for himself) cards signed.

I have never heard of Phil and, like Danny Klassen, I didn't think that he ever appeared in the Majors. Well, obviously he did. In fact, he appeared in 48 more Major League games than Atlantic League games. He spent parts of three seasons with the Cubs and Reds, pitching in relief with the exception of two starts. He had a 5.07 career ERA, but he finished with a .500 batting average (2-4).

I'm sorry this is such a short post, but I have had a long day and I still have to get my cards sorted for tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, there will not be a post. I'll do two on Saturday to make up for it.


Anonymous said...

Phil Norton was around for a little while, even though he only pitched in 8 games for the Somerset Patriots in 2007.

He was trying to come back from some kind of an arm injury, but it just didn't work out. His control was far enough off that he'd either walk you or through a relatively straight fastball down the middle of the plate. It was painful to watch.

Anonymous said...

Micah was a Cub for a bit, too.