Thursday, January 7, 2010

Get Your Royals Cards Signed Here

I am going to Royals Fanfest next Friday (I'm undecided on Saturday right now). There are a few players and alumni that are going to be there that I have plenty of autographs from. For those guys, I am willing to get stuff (preferribly cards) signed for other people.

Below, you will find a list of those players and whether I will be able to get one or two things signed. There are about fifteen players on the list. The only rule is that you may not take up both slots for any given player. Please be curtious to other readers and do not take up more than five slots. If there are still slots open tomorrow night when I get off work, feel free to grab some more.

Fanfest is next Friday, so you need to mail me your cards as soon as possible. If you really want something signed that is not a card, email me first. Here is the list.

Brian Bannister- Paul's Random Stuff

Willie Bloomquist- 2 slots

Kyle Davies-
1. Paul's Random Stuff
2. still open

Trey Hillman- 2 slots

Mitch Maier- 2 slots

Bryan Pena- Paul's Random Stuff

Robinson Tejada- 1 slot

Dennis Leonard- Night Owl

Mike Macfarlane- Paul's Random Stuff

John Mayberry- 1 slot

Jim Eisenreich- Paul's Random Stuff

Brian McRae- Wicked Ortega

Jamie Quirk-
1. Wicked Ortega
2. Orioles Magic

Clint Robinson (minor leaguer)- 2 slots

Keep in mind that claiming a slot and sending me cards does not guarentee you an autograph. These events can be pretty hectic and it is impossible to hit all of the autograph tables. Plus, Mayberry and Eisenreich are only scheduled to appear on Saturday and I am undecided on that day. But I promise that I will do whatever I can to get as many cards signed as possible. If you miss out on a slot of a certain player, feel free to send me a card of that player anyway. Some will be signing more than once, especially if I go both days.

To claim a slot, just leave a comment. If you do not have my address, email me at zman40 at hotmail dot com. The cards have to arrive in my mail no later than Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Zach,

I have cards for Brian Bannister, Kyle Davies, Jim Eisenreich, Mike Macfarlane, Brian McRae and Bryan Pena.

I can mail them to you on Saturday.

Have fun at Fan Fest!

Anonymous said...

Woops, I just realized I listed six guys. Scratch Brian McRae, since I already have his autograph.

Anonymous said...

Brian McRae and Jamie Quirk please can you shoot me an email with your addy that way i can get the cards out to you on Sat. Thanks so much!!

zman40 said...

Wicked, I cannot find your email address. Shoot me one and I will get you my address.

James said...

Awesome! I just sent you an email if you could help out.

unclemoe said...

I'm in for a Tejada and a Davies.


Orioles Magic said...

Jamie Quirk please!

Collective Troll said...

I'm a little late to the party, but I wanted to say that is a really generous offer from you... Have fun at fan fest! The lines are soooo long at Rays fan fest (and poorly organized) that you would be lucky to get 2 autos all day...Enjoy!

zman40 said...

Feel free to grab some more spots guys.

Troll, I usually do pretty good at Fanfest. Last year, I got over 50 cards signed. I do not expect that this year, but it is still my goal.

night owl said...

I'll put in for the Dennis Leonard slot. I hope I can get the card to you in time.

Anonymous said...

Hey can I have the mayberry slot? Shoot me an email at: