Friday, January 1, 2010

1940 Play Ball, Bob "Suitcase" Seeds

#91 Bob Seeds

This right here was the coolest Christmas present that I recieved this year. Actually, this is the best present that I have recieved in some time. This was given to me by my best friend, Dustin. Dustin used to do all of my scans for me before I got my own scanner and he was my lone reader when I first started this blog. He picked this card up from ebay. Apparently, my Lou Brissie post caught his eye when I was talking about my oldest signed card and he decided to get me an older one. This card is nine years older than the Brissie card. Not only is it my oldest signed card, it is also the oldest card that I own.

Prior to this card, I had never heard of Bob Seeds (aka Suitcase). That just makes it more fun learning about him and checking his stats.

Bob played for five teams in his nine year career. He was mostly a backup player, with the exception of the 1932 season. He was a career .277 hitter who had career highs in home runs (9) and RBI (52) in 1938 while appearing in only 81 games for the Giants. In 1936, he played in 13 regular season games with the Yankees and made it onto their World Series roster. He only made one appearance in the Series and that was as a pinch runner in game five.

In that game, the Giants grabbed a one run lead in the top of the tenth. In the bottom half of the inning, Bill Dickey lead off with a single and Bob was sent in to pinch run for him. The next two batters popped out and Bob ended the game by trying to steal second. At that point in his career, Bob had been successful in only 13 of 28 base stealing attempts. With the bottom third of the order up, the Yankees must have been desperate (or Bob said "screw it" and took off anyway). Even though they lost the game, the Yanks still went on to win the Series in six games.

On the back of the card, it says that Bob is the only Major League player to own his own ball club. That was the Amirillo team in the West Texas-New Mexico League. Also, it says that the Giants purchased him from Newark and he is called Suitcase because he has switched teams so many times.

Bob has been deceased since 1993, so I guess that this card could be labeled an "unpossible autograph".

Here is the dilemma I have with this card. This card is graded.

I'm not into graded cards and I don't have anyway to display this. Generally, I like to keep all of my signed cards in binders. So here is the question. Do I leave the card in the case or do I remove it? If I were to remove it, does anyone know the best way to do that with these cases?


Orioles Magic said...

Woah, that is an awesome old card!
Congrats on having an autograph that old. Unfortunately, I don't have any graded cards so can't help you with advice on that one. Happy New Year!

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Awesome find! That's really nice.

I cracked a PSA case with an '85 Donruss Puckett. The stakes weren't nearly as high, but here's what I did: get a medium size drill bit and a cordless drill. Very carefully, barely drill into the bottom of the case (not the face, but the bottom edge where the two halves come together) until the bit catches. This SHOULD split the case apart, so you can just pry it a little more open and the card will drop out. I don't know if others have done it this way, but it has worked for me.

AND it beats the hammer method I've seen posted online.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's an amazing old card!

I'd be too nervous about damaging it to try to remove it from the holder, but good luck if you decide to go that route.

Play at the Plate said...

I have only a few graded cards and NONE of them compare to that card. I understand about storing your auto'd cards in a binder, but personally, I would make an exception for this card. For starters, it's your oldest card and why not display it as such. In your office (home or work) if you can trust it not to walk off. It makes for a safe way to have it where you can enjoy it. Just my two cents worth.

It is awesome by the way!

Carl Crawford Cards said...

I've thought about this a lot since you posted it. I'd be cautious (OK, terrified) cracking that card. That said, I just posted on cracking these things with a drill here:

Chracking a UD Pedro RC and your Suitcase Seeds cards are worlds apart in terms of value and coolness, but that's how I've done it.

zman40 said...

Thanks guys.

As for trying to crack it or not, I am still up in the air. That's mostly because I do not want to screw the card up.

I certainly appreciate your advice CCC. You sure do make it look easy. And Brian, I can easily see where you are coming from, too.

I'm going to put this one off for now, but I may bring up the subject later on (maybe even in contest form).