Friday, March 1, 2013

1981 Donruss, Rollie Fingers

#2 Rollie Fingers

Finally, I have gotten to my '81 Donruss cards. In case you missed it, I hit my goal of 100 signed cards from the set back in September when Rick Cerone signed for me TTM. I haven't posted 100 cards from the set yet, but don't worry. Not only have I got 100 cards signed from the set, but I also am about halfway through the next 100. So, expect to be seeing a bunch of these cards from here on out. Some of the posts will be more in-depth than others while some will be really quick just to get them out of the way.

So, here is my fourth Rollie Fingers card that I have posted on here. Like the last card of him, this card was signed at All Star Fanfest last summer. I have had this card in my collection since I got hooked on this set, but I did not get it signed at my first encounter with Rollie as I did not realize he was going to appear there.

Rollie had a career year with the Padres in 1978 when he had a career high 37 saves. But, his best season came with the Brewers in 1981 when he won the National League Cy Young Award and the MVP by going 6-3 with 28 saves and a phenomenal ERA of 1.04.

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Orioles Magic said...

I thought that something looked different! But sadly I have no suggestions at least partially because I never got my act together to design my own header.

But it's good to see you getting back to these '81 Donruss autos. At least in part because I keep forgetting to ask you in you need Terry Crowley for your set? I got it signed for you at some point and just "found" it the other night, along with some other cards that I had pulled for you. Let me know

Marcus said...

This is a great card, and the auto makes it look even better! I don't have a TON of cards from Rollie's Padre days, but of the ones I have, this is my favorite.