Tuesday, December 11, 2012

1973 Topps, Rollie Fingers

#84 Rollie Fingers

This is another autograph that I was able to acquire at All Star Fanfest this past summer. Rollie signed at least twice for free during the event and he signed almost non-stop at the charity table, as well.

I got Rollie's autograph a few years ago at the College World Series. The problem that time was I did not know in advance that he was going to be there, so I had nothing to get signed. When I went to the card shop across the street from Rosenblatt to pick up some cards of him, the owner was too busy schmoozing with people to help me find any cards. Luckily, after some digging, I found two team sets with Rollie in it and I am now the owner of the '85 O-Pee-Chee and '86 Topps Brewers team sets. But, at least I had two cards for him to sign.

Rollie made quite a name for himself with the A's in the '70s. That is where he started his trademark handlebar mustache, which he doesn't quite have on this card. More importantly, he helped the A's to three straight World Series victories and was even named the MVP of the '74 Series. He never lead the American League in saves as an Athletic, but he did save 20 or more games for them in four seasons.

I am not quite sure how I acquired this card. It has been in my collection for some time and is a little beat-up. I think I might have got this card in a trade with the neighborhood kids when I was in grade school. I'm just glad that I got the card and was able to hold onto it for so long because it looks great signed.

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