Monday, December 28, 2009

1998 Topps, Dave Martinez

#134 Dave Martinez

Here is a card that I got signed by Dave Martinez this past September in Baltimore. The Rays were in town that day and Dave is their bench coach.

Dave seems like a great signer. I have asked him to sign for me twice and each time I came away happy. He signed three cards for me in '08 in Kansas City and another two or three cards for me in Baltimore this year. You can see one of the '08 cards here which links to the rest of the ones I got that year.

Dave has an interesting signature. His first name isn't exactly readable, but if you know who it is from, you can kind of see that it probablty says Dave. I can't say that for his last name. His last name looks more like Egyptian hieroglyphics than Martinez.

As for '98 Topps, they do not seem like anything special to me. Plus, their '99 cards have the same color border as these do which is kind of a negative for me. At least the '99 cards have less foil. But I must point out that these cards scan much better than most cards with foil on them. I guess that that is a positive.


Anonymous said...

Nice success! I was wondering if you could tell me the address you used cause i was planning to send some stuff out to him.

unclemoe said...

I think Topps failed by having two bronze border sets in a row.


Play at the Plate said...

He does have an interesting, if unreadable, signature.