Thursday, December 17, 2009

1998 Bowman, Chad Hermansen

#168 Chad Hermansen

Here is another card from the Troll. This one was part of the first package he sent me when he had already given away the Royals '87 Donruss Opening Day team set.

This is the second Chad Hermansen autograph that I have. I got the first one in a pack of 1995 Classic 5 Sport. The great thing about this autograph is that you can actually see it. The one on the 5 Sport is on such a dark area of the card that you can barely make it out. So this is a definite upgrade. Plus, I like how the out of focus ball is in the picture. That's a nice touch.

Since this is a signed Pirates card, I am going to guess that the Troll got it signed at a Spring Training game.

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Play at the Plate said...

It's pretty close to the sig on the left of the card. That is a long last name to sign over and over.