Saturday, December 12, 2009

1997 Score, Fred McGriff

#172 Fred McGriff

Just like the Sandy Alomar card a couple of days ago, this is the second McGriff card that I have posted on here. The first one was posted back in January and it was a Padrograph like Alomar's.

This one, on the other hand, came to me from the ladies at Dinged Corners. I had sent them a huge David Wright poster from work and they sent me a couple of autographs and some Royals cards as a thank you. The other card was of Scott Sanderson, so this one was the better of the two.

Unlike the Alomar card, I hadn't already had McGriff's autograph before being sent one. So, I feel pretty fortunate that two other bloggers had the kindness to send me a couple. And for me, it is always a bonus when I have two of a player on two different teams.

Last year I had sent the Crime Dog a few cards to sign and I never got them back. So that just makes these two extra special.


Orioles Magic said...

Cool story Zach

Ken said...

I have heard a story or two about McGriff being rude to people who want his auto. It is just anecdotal but one of the stories a kid told me (a fan of McGriff's) was brutal.

This kid idolized McGriff. And to tell you how great kids are, he still collects McGriff.

There aren't too many of his autos available on Ebay either.

What is that saying 'Love the art, not the artist.'?

Nice card to own.

Anonymous said...

Nice autograph. Like you, I wrote to McGriff last year & didn't get anything back.

Play at the Plate said...

Very nice, regardless of where you got it!

Dave said...

Crime Dog rocks the flat hat...I dig it. These Score cards look pretty nice when autographed.