Sunday, December 6, 2009

1997 California/Carolina League All Stars, Tim Garland

#7 Tim Garland

This is the second card that I got signed by Tim Garland at a Lancaster JetHawks game in 2008. Tim was the visiting Stockton Ports batting coach at the time. I got the first card signed prior to the game. I bought this set and a couple of other for cheap right before the game started. This was by far the best set that I bought as there are many established Major League players in it. I was also pleasantly surprised to find this card of Tim in there as well. I was able to get this card signed after the game.

In 1997, Tim stole 85 bases and earned himself a spot on the California League All-Star team. The only problem with that was that he was about 27-years old at the time. That is kind of up there for a high-A player.

Tim seems to have had an on and off career. There are a few gaps in his stats. Read the first post to see what I mean. Make sure you check out the comments on it, too. I sure I will get some great comments on this one in a few months from my favorite anonymous commenter.

Tim is representing the San Jose Giants in this card. The SJ Giants are still alive and kicking in the California League.

I have no idea who made this set. There is no copyright data on the back or anything.


Anonymous said...

I like the card design - it's very colorful and distinctive.

Play at the Plate said...

That card looks like it was made for an auto.

Play at the Plate said...

I just went back and read the "anonymous" comments. Too funny. You better watch out Z--you'll get on the Tim Garland blacklist!

zman40 said...

Paul- They are very colorful and distinctive. Plus, I like how the two leagues have their own style.

Brian- These cards are not glossy at all and they are great for signing. Luckily, the only two cards I own of Tim Garland are already signed. Take that anonymous poster! It's not like he has a ton of cards out there.

Orioles Magic said...

I'm still waiting for anonymous to come back!

Anonymous said...

Tim Garland was playing in the Ind.League 94-95.Looks like the Giants signed him out of that league.He played his last years 3 in AAA Mexico. He hit.352 his last season playing there.I looked up his numbers and he was a lifetime .289 hitter.Stole close 3000 bags in career.I think what held him back was the 42nd round draft pick.His good numbers kept him in the game for 14 years playing.I was told by a reliable source that his defense was very good with a plus arm.I did notice that he played Cf & Rf most of his career.Why didn't this guy make it?

zman40 said...

It looks like the Yankees gave up on him after hitting .150 and .234 in two limited stints in high A.

For some reason, it looks like the Giants were scared to promote him. Even though he did well at AA for the O's and Rangers, he never even sniffed AAA. Why that was, I have no idea.

Hopefully, coaching will be his ticket to the big leagues.

Anonymous said...

Yes,looks like they did.His numbers say that he hit .327 in Rookie Ball with the Sarasota Yankees.Then the next year in Greensboro Sally league he didn't have many at bats.While with the Giants he averaged over 500 at bats.I don't understand that.Also put up impressive numbers.Then in AA he put up good numbers with the Giants,Orioles and A's.I have followed Mr.Garland after he landed here in Bowie Md.He made one of the best catches that my family and i have ever seen a center fielder make.He made it on a Big leaguer now by the name of Torrie Hunter.I will never forget it because my son turned to me and asked me'Dad does that guy have wings'? Lol.After that season he went and played in AAA Mexico.Looks like he played 3 season there and hit over .300.The 1st year he played along side of former Big Leaguer Jerome Walton.I noticed that.Plus Mr.Garland posted better numbers that season then Mr.Walton did. Tim's career is really interesting.I'm curious of why he didn't get a shot?Could'nt be that he was a bad person cause i wouldn't think that he could have landed a coaching job working with young future Big Leaguers now.