Tuesday, December 29, 2009

1998 Upper Deck. Will Cunnane

#501 Will Cunnane

This is the next to last 1998 card and it is also the next to last Padrograph. This one features relief pitcher Will Cunnane, a former member of the Padres, Brewers, Cubs, and Braves.

Will played parts of eight seasons in the Majors and he made 184 appearances, 12 of which were starts. In those 184 games, he was 13-12 with a 5.26 ERA, 3 saves, and 234 strikeouts. 2004 was his last season in the Majors, though he still kept at it in the minors until 2008. He finished his career with the Newark Bears of the Atlantic League. It seems like quite a few of the players that I have signed 1998 cards of ended up in the Atlantic League.

I don't have too many cards from the '98 UD set. When I first got them, I loved the look of them. Now I am not too sure about them, but they are not bad.


Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed at the number of guys with major issue cards who end up in the Atlantic League.

I do remember Cunnane as a Bear, but he didn't stick around very long. I think he has a fairly nice autograph.

unclemoe said...

I don't really like the 98 UD. Kind of hard to read the player name on some of them.


Orioles Magic said...

I don't think that I've ever seen a 98 UD card. Thanks for sharing it.

Rod said...

Guess I better get some more padrographs sent out to you.

zman40 said...

Don't worry Rod. I have plenty of Padrographs to go. I just meant that it was the next to last Padrograph from a 1998 card.