Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1986 Topps Traded, Dennis Leonard

#65T Dennis Leonard

This is the third and final Dennis Leonard card from the youth baseball camp last month. A couple of days after that, I was looking through a stack of cards and became a little agitated with myself. In that stack, I found a '79 Topps card of Dennis that a bought a few months ago to get signed and I had forgot about it. After seeing that card, I remembered that Dennis had a card in the Pacific Senior Baseball League set that I bought and also forgot about. The three cards that I got signed by Dennis were the ones that I wanted to get signed at Royals Fanfest this past February. But, Dennis didn't attend the event the same day that I did. So, when I was looking for cards for the clinic, those three cards were still together and I took them without even thinking about grabbing my newer ones. Oh well. At least I got a couple more cards for the next time. I may have to start giving a few Leonards away.

This is another card that I got from Stats on the Back during his winter housekeeping.

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