Saturday, June 6, 2009

1986 Donruss, Joel Skinner

#330 Joel Skinner

Here is another card that I got signed at Astros Fanfest. No, Joel never played for the Astros. But, fanfest was held during an exhibition game and the 'Stros were playing the Indians. Joel is the Tribe's third base coach and I was able to get him to sign during batting practice.

For some reason, I love getting autographs from the coaches (aka former players). I guess I enjoy getting the cards of my youth signed. This was the third game I went to that I tried for Joel's autograph. I was beginning to think that he wasn't much of a signer, but after signing mine, he signed for anyone that wanted it. So, he apparently does sign. Now, the only coach for Cleveland that I haven't got to sign for me is Luis Rivera. But, I'll keep trying since I have an '09 Topps Heritage Indians coaches card that is only half complete.

I love the photo on this card. It's nothing special, but I like the clear view of the number on the pants. Some forward-looking team needs to bring that back.

As for the contest, Grienke got lit up last night (I think JRJ may have been on to something) and his ERA currently stands at 1.55.

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