Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1982 Fleer, Wayne Krenchicki

#168 Wayne Krenchiki

Here is another card that was sent to me from Paul, of Paul's Random Stuff. Just like the last card from Paul that I posted on here, I wasn't too familiar with Wayne Krenchicki. I have found an '87 Fleer card of him laying around and I got a card of him in a Senior League set by Pacific that I bought recently. I looked up all of his cards at Beckett.com and I finally recognise him from his '86 and '87 Topps cards.

Wayne used to be the manager of the Newark Bears and that is probably how Paul got this card signed. Wayne is currently the manager of the Evansville Otters of the Frontier League and Steve Foucault is his pitching coach.


Anonymous said...

I wish we had Wayne Krenchicki back as the manager of the Newark Bears.

Tim Raines is a bigger name, but he's not really selling any tickets and is nowhere near the manager that Krenchicki is.

zman40 said...

Did he get fired or what? It's kind of weird that he would go from the AL to the FL.

Dan said...


My fantasy baseball team name this year is "krenchickiATTACK!" in honor of his years as a Cincinnati Red.

I sent an '83 Topps his way a while back (care of the Otters) but haven't received it back yet. Looking forward to that one.

Anonymous said...

The Bears filed for bankruptcy at the end of last season. The 2009 Atlantic League schedule was delayed as long as possible, and finally a new group came in to take over and keep baseball in Newark for this season.

I'm not sure if Krenchicki and his staff just opted to secure jobs during the period of uncertainty or if the new owners didn't want to have him back.

unclemoe said...

Ah 1982 Fleer. Claasic.

zman40 said...

Paul, I had forgot all about that. I was sort of following that on Ballpark Digest this past off-season. That makes much more sense now.