Sunday, June 7, 2009

1986 Fleer, Pete Rose

#628 Pete Rose

Here is the second Pete Rose that I got back from him a little over a week ago. I had read some blog (and I cannot remember which one it was) and that person had sent Pete two cards and had gotten them both back signed. So, I figured that I would do the same. I sent an '81 Donruss since I love getting them signed and because they look good signed with a ballpoint pen. Then I picked this one out since he is a Red in it and it would not have been a card that I would have missed if it never came back home.

But, it is a pretty neat card and he is holding a pretty cool plaque that has Ty Cobb on it. It looks like he did his best not to sign over the plaque. I wonder if he still has it.


Tom said...

I know what you mean about sending cards that might never come home; still, this card looks nice signed. Heck, it improved the card!

I used to send cards that I didn't care about losing, but when it came to the point that I had about a dozen extra copies I got to the point that I didn't care!

I might have to pull out some Rose cards for a TTM request. It'd be cool to get something in the mail now and again tha wasn't Astros related.

unclemoe said...

Nice plate, Pete.

Dan said...

You know Pete prolly sold that plate the day after he got it for a grand or something.

Regardless, that is a fantastically oddball card to get signed. Mad respect.

Anonymous said...

That's a neat addition to your collection.

If I was a little older so that I'd remember Pete Rose as a player, I would probably be thrilled to have his autograph. Unfortunately, I really only know him for the scandal and his post-baseball life.

zman40 said...

I guess that it is a framed plate. I wonder if the Dodgers gave it to him. I doubt that he flew out to LA with it just for this photo op.

Paul- The only thing I remember about Pete Rose as a player was from his '85-87 cards, which included many record breakers. Back then I thought that a player/manager was pretty normal.

The Mojo Hand said...

Priceless. 4192