Wednesday, October 12, 2016

1969 Topps, Steve Kealey

#224 Steve Kealey

Here is the first of three cards that Steve Kealey signed for me at Rock's bi-monthly card show in Wichita last year. The day of that show was actually my first wedding anniversary. I got to spend the day with my pregnant wife going to a card show and then going brewery hopping afterwards. It was definitely one to remember, for me at least.

This card looks a little bare without Bill Harrelson's signature on it. Steve mentioned that Bill still signs these cards, I just have not found an address for him. Right now, I just have SCN's free account. Since this is the only card that Bill has, there has never been any activity for Bill signing whenever I check the latest successes page. I keep checking back, though, just probably not as much as I should be if I really want to get this card signed again.

I love Steve's sports glasses in his photo. Unfortunately, he will not be wearing those in the next card I post of him.


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