Thursday, August 4, 2016

1961 Topps, Leo Posada

#39 Leo Posada

After one in-person signature, it is back to the good ol' TTMs. This one was signed by Leo Posada at the end of 2013. I sent it to him in November and I had it back just nine days later.

Leo had a short big league career. He spent just three seasons at that level, all with the A's. He made his debut in 1960 and got off to a good start. Over 10 games, he got 36 at-bats and had 13 hits, good for a .361 average. Out of those hits, he had a pair of triples and a home run.

The next season, he got into 110 games. That year, he batted .253 with 7 dingers and 53 RBI. That turned out to be his career year as he struggled mightily in 1962. That year, he got into just 29 games and he hit a measly .196 over 46 at-bats. The A's traded him to the Braves in August and they sent him down to AAA. Leo would go on to play professionally for seven more seasons, but would never make it back up to the Major Leagues.

I love the backdrop for this photo. You have palm trees on the left and wooden bleachers on the right. That is a classic Spring Training shot right there.

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