Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2000 Bowman, Dan Reichert

#352 Dan Reichert

Here is the second of three cards that the Lincoln Satdogs pitching coach signed for me at a Wingnuts game in 2013. The first one can be seen here. The third one should be coming next week.

Dan pitched for the Royals for parts of four seasons. He split time between starting and relieving, but he got the bulk of his innings as a starter. He was 21-25 with 2 saves as a Royal and had a 5.53 ERA. He walked 215 batters while striking out 227. That is not the best K/BB ratio I have ever seen. Dan's best season was probably his rookie season in 2000. He was 8-10 with 2 saves and posted his lowest ERA for a season, 4.70. He happened to record his only complete game shutout and his two career saves that season.

I got to see Dan pitch a dozen times with the Royals. He was 1-2 in 31 innings (three starts) with a 5.81 ERA. He walked 24 batters and struck out just 17 at the games I was at.

In September of 2002, Dan was claimed off of waivers by Tampa Bay. That was the end to his Royals career.

Check out the Royals Spring Training hat in this photo. The hat actually says Royals across it.

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Paul Hadsall said...

I didn't know Dan Reichert went into coaching. I remember watching him pitch for the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs when I went to a lot of Atlantic League games.