Monday, February 14, 2011

1996 Leaf Signature Series, Darren Dreifort

#59 Darren Driefort

Here is the second Leaf Signature Series card that I have to post for the week. This one features the Wichita State alumni, Darren Dreifort.

For a lot of Dodgers fans, Darren Dreifort might not be a name that they want to remember. The former number two pick, who made his professional debut at the Major League level, spent a good portion of his career injured. He missed all of his second professional season to injuries and then missed all of 2002 after having elbow reconstruction surgery. The second missed season came just two years after the Dodgers signed him to a five-year/$55 million contract. Darren finished his career after the 2004 season with a record of 48-60 with 11 saves and a 4.36 ERA.

Darren is from Wichita and he was the hometown boy on the Wichita State squad. He had quite the collegiate career and was a two-time All-American and the 1993 Golden Spikes winner (best college baseball player). I remember going to my first WSU game in 1993 and I got to see Darren play. But, he didn't pitch in the game. He came on to pinch hit in the bottom of the ninth with two outs and the Shockers down one. He struck out swinging to end the game, but you could tell that he was trying to tie the game up with one cut. It turns out that Darren was quite a hitter in college. Not only was he the all-conference starting pitcher, but he was the all-conference DH as well.

That is how I like to remember Darren Dreifort.

I picked up this card for $1.15.


night owl said...

I'm still convinced that Dreifort is going to come back and blow everyone away.

That's how much in denial I am.

Nice card.

Anonymous said...

Not bad for $1.15. Another point in his favor: Dreifort actually signed his name - the autograph isn't just a scribble.