Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1995 Stadium Club, Jeff Montgomery

#286 Jeff Montgomery

This is the third and final Jeff Montgomery card that I got signed at last months Royals Fanfest. I went through Jeff's line two times and, rather than go through for a third time, I sent my dad through at the tail end of it. This was the card that I had him get signed. If I had remembered that I already had a signed 1990 Leaf card, I probably would have got this card signed first if for no other reason than that it is so cheesy.

The fire truck in the photo looks a little out of date, even by 1995 standards. I hope that is not what the KCPD was running around in during the '90s.

Since this is the third Jeff Montgomery post in as many weeks, there will be another post up in a few hours or so.

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LoCoDe said...

Love that card. That would absolutely have been my choice to get signed.