Sunday, February 6, 2011

1993 Flair, Jeff Montgomery

#222 Jeff Montgomery

In case one signed Flair card wasn't enough for you, here is a second. This card was signed by Jeff a few hours after I got the Macfarlane card signed at Fanfest. I chose blue for the Sharpie color for this card and I wish I would have made that choice with the Macfarlane card as well. The blue just pops off the card and looks really good with the Royals colors.

I wish I would have taken a better look at this card before I had Jeff sign it. If I would have noticed that great grimace on Jeff's face in both photos beforehand, I would have asked to see if he still had it. I'm sure he does and maybe I will find out next year.

I like how Fleer floats their Flair logo around the top of the card. They don't seem to care where it is as long as it is at the top and is not covering the player's head. Mike had the logo on the left, Jeff's is in the center, and the George Brett card sitting on my desk has it on the right.

Since I posted a card of Jeff recently, I will have another card coming up later today.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I ever noticed Montgomery's grimace before... some pitchers have the strangest expressions when they're on the mound.

zman40 said...

Don't feel bad. I obviously hadn't noticed it either.