Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1994 Topps, Mark Thompson

#286 Mark Thompson

Here is a non-Padre Padrograph that was sent to me by Rod. This one is a little unusual in that this is one of two non-Padre autographs that he has sent me of a guy that I had already had an autograph from beforehand. I wrote to Mark in the mid-90s and got his 1993 Topps draft pick card signed. It's good to see that he progressed from just a draft pick in '93 to a full-blown Future Star in '94.

I konow it is kind of hard to see the signature over the black jersey, but it is great to see the consistancy of his signature from this card to the one I posted in 2009.

This card has one wacky design. It has a digital camo-like background and a circuit board border. If it wasn't for the signature, I might label the card as "one that I wished Mom had thrown out".

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Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Former Oriole Paul Carey signed one of these for me back when they came out. It was pretty hi-tech back then.