Saturday, February 19, 2011

1996 Leaf Signature Extended Autographs, Dave Hansen

#71 Dave Hansen

Here is the final 1996 Leaf autograph for the time being. This one features the former pinch hitting extraordinaire, Dave Hansen. I bought this card because I admire guys that can succeed in specialized roles, like pinch hitting. It isn't a role for everyone and it takes a certain mindset to be comfortable in that spot and to be successful in it. Dave was all of that and I was happy to add this card to my collection for ninety-eight cents.

Dave played in the Majors for fifteen seasons and he spent the majority of the time with the Dodgers, though he did play for the Cubs, Padres, and Mariners, too. He got into 100 games in a season five times, but he exceeded 200 at-bats only twice. In 1999, Dave appeared in 100 games with the Dodgers and he got 107 at-bats. If that doesn't sum up the role of a pinch hitter, than I do not know what does.

For his career, Dave was a .260 hitter that racked up 138 pinch hits, which ranks him sixth on the all-time list. In 2000, Dave set the record with seven pinch hit home runs in a season and that record was tied the following year by Craig Wilson.

I like the sponsorship of Dave's Baseball Reference page. It reads- "A great pinch hitter, a better guitar player, and a terrific human being. Another promising career screwed over by Tommy Lasorda".

Actually, I just checked my mailbox and there are going to be two more days of '96 Leaf.

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