Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1981 Donruss, Rich Dauer

#232 Rich Dauer

Here is one of the cards that I got signed at the Royals game on Saturday. The main reason why I went to the game that day was because I was able to get discounted tickets from my Chamber of Commerce. The Royals were hosting Salina appreciation day and they had a color guard and anthem singer from here at the game. They also hosted a pre-game tailgate party for us. So, our plan was to go to the tailgate party for a bit before heading into the ballpark. But when we realized that the tailgate party was on the other side of Arrowhead Stadium, we scrapped that idea since it was such a long walk and the gates were opening in forty-five minutes. But luckily, many players were still arriving at the park at that time. That is how I got this card signed. Rich is the third base coach for the Rockies.

I was very impressed with many of the Rockies signing habits. Clint Barmes and Jim Tracy were the top two signers outside the ballpark before the game. Those two signed everything for everybody. It was very cool. I wish I had something for Tracy to sign, though. I have his '81 Donruss card signed and I'm not sure if I have any other cards of him.

Barring an '81 Donruss card sitting in my mailbox tomorrow, this will be my final post from the set for some time. I've spent enough time on it over the past couple of weeks and I'm starting to get backlogged on cards from 1982-2003. So, I will probably move on tomorrow.

'81 Donruss Tracker
: 73/100


Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Good post, I had no idea that Rich was the Rockies' third base coach.
I like to keep track of former O's when possible and it's cool that he's still involved with baseball.

Play at the Plate said...

That's an interesting way to sign...looks like he's peeking through the R.