Monday, May 24, 2010

1981 Donruss, Ken Macha

#540 Ken Macha

This is the third and final card that arrived in my mailbox last Thursday. I had sent this card to Ken on the 26th of last month, so it took a little over three weeks to get back to me.

Ken has a most unusual signature. He has a weird "K" that flows into his last name without lifting the pen. He then has an odd "M" that looks more like a "W" than anything else. After that, it is just some scribbles to make out the rest of his last name.

Ken's Major League playing career spanned parts of six seasons with the Pirates, Expos, and Blue Jays. Throughout the time, he managed to get into 180 games with 380 at-bats. He was a .258 hitter that racked up 35 RBI while hitting one home run.

I think it is funny that the card lists his position as infield/outfield. In 1980, he played outfield once, caught once, played first twice, and spent the rest of the time at third. That sounds more like a third baseman than an infielder/outfielder (I mean INFIELD/O-F) to me. I guess that is just one of the reasons that I like this quirky set.

'81 Donruss Tracker: 71/100

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Anonymous said...

I never saw the "INFIELD/O-F" designation before... interesting.