Saturday, May 8, 2010

1952 Topps, Eddie Joost

#45 Eddie Joost

Here is a card that I got signed through the mail earlier this week. I sent this card to Eddie on the 28th of May and got it back Monday. Not a bad turnaround.

Unlike most of the cards I post on here, this card has a bit of a story. It all starts in 1991 when Topps was celebrating it's 40th anniversary. I was twelve at the time and I decided that it would be cool if I could get at least one card from each of the Topps base sets starting in 1952. I had all the cards I needed from the '70s, '80s, and '90s, but many of the older cards were causing me some problems. It wasn't that I couldn't find them, it was just that the older ones were a little out of my budget. Luckily, I was able to find this card at one of the local shops. I have no idea what I paid for it, but whatever it was was a small price to pay for a forty-year old card.

To me, getting this card out of the way was going to make my 40 card Topps collection easy. Then disaster struck.

One day, my dad took me out to eat. For some stupid reason, I left my 1991 binder setting on the end table right next to a full glass of Coke. I had my 40 card collection in the back of that binder with the older cards on the very bottom page. While I was gone, my dog ended up knocking over the glass of Coke. This card did a good job of soaking some of it off of the table. While the creases and dings have been on this card for many years, that nice brown stain was acquired in 1991. After that instance, I gave up on the 40 card collection. I was just too bummed out about my '52 and '53 cards getting messed up.

Fast forward nineteen years later and I finally discover that Eddie is a great TTM signer. I figured that this would be the best way to throw some new life into the card and I couldn't have been more right. I am super-happy about the way it looks now and I am glad that the card is still a part of my collection.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Nice score! Nothing quite like signed vintage.

And I really like the Cole story.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were able to find a way to redeem the Coke-damaged card.

zman40 said...

Thanks, guys!

Play at the Plate said...

Z--that looks great. You put it to good use, coke stain and all.