Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1981 Donruss, Glenn Adams

#566 Glenn Adams

Here is what may be my next to last '81 Donruss card for a while. I have one to post tomorrow that came in the mail today. But, if I don't get another one in the mail by Friday, I will have to move on. Right now, I have nine '81 Donruss cards circulating in the mail and all of them have been out at least a week. So, there is still hope. What I need to do is send out another batch, but I just haven't gotten around to it.

Glenn is the batting coach for the Erie SeaWolves and I sent this card to the team's ballpark on the 28th of last month. I got it back twelve days later on the tenth.

For some reason, this autograph decided to smear. This is the second '81 Donruss that I have had this problem with and it is kind of bizaar in my opinion. Most older cards are great for autopraphs. Why I have had two of these smear is beyond me. I didn't notice any smudges on the inside of the envelope, so I have no idea what it got smeared on.

Glenn played in the Major League for eight years with the Giants, Twins, and Blue Jays. His best season was in 1979 when he had career highs in games played (119), home runs (8), RBI (50), and batting average (.301).

'81 Donruss Tracker: 67/100


Anonymous said...

You're really cleaning up with those 1981 Donruss cards, even if I'd never heard of the last two guys you posted.

Hopefully you'll find a few more in the mailbox.

zman40 said...

Thanks, Paul.

I had never heard of them either. But I saw they signed TTM, so I found their cards and sent it to them.

Play at the Plate said...

I wonder if it smeared on his finger or hand. I'll be getting your prize pack in the mail in a day or two. I need to go get some packs for you!

MattR said...

Glenn could really swing the bat. He was a favorite in Phoenix in the early-mid 70s (the Phoenix Giants were a PCL club back then).

zman40 said...

Brian- I have no idea. The first thing I looked at when I saw that was to see if he is left-handed. He's not, so the sleeve may be a good guess.
Take your time on those packs. I am in no hurry.

Matt- That's cool to know about Glenn. But, now I'm more interested in when the PCL Giants changed their name to the Firebirds and why. If you could fill me in on that, I would certainly enjoy it.