Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Found Some 2010 Upper Deck

I was finally able to get over to Target today to get some 2010 Topps. All I could find were rack packs and blasters. While I was trying to step back to get a better view to see if I was missing the regular packs, I bumped into a box. I turned around and I found a gravity feed and three blasters of 2010 Upper Deck in the box. Looks like someone forgot to put their box up when they were done with it.

I picked up three packs of UD and two rack packs of Topps for $20. Here is the wrapper for Upper Deck.

Notice the line on the bottom of the pack- "NOT authorized by Major League Baseball or its Members Teams". It has that line on the back of every single card, too.

Here is the first card I got in the first pack.

Yeah, I can see why they are getting sued. Here are three more cards where you can either make out hat logos, shoulder logos, most of the jersey script (but not all), or a combination of these.

Here are three cards with different things. One has two Rockies logos. One has a teams name and logos highly visible on the card. The third one has a hat logo and a majority of the jersey script.

I like the ballpark cards. But, then again, I like visiting different ballparks. The back of the card lists the teams titles and the ballparks address, first game, and capacity. It then has a short write up about some of the things that make the park unique.

Here are some of the inserts I got.

I got three of the Biography cards, so they must come one per pack (just like the rookie cards). These cards are pretty much what the Documentary set should have been like. One of the other ones I got was about Casey McGehee hitting a go ahead home run in St. Louis. The picture actually has McGehee hitting in St. Louis!

The Sowers card is just a gold parallel and is numbered to 99.

The Lee card is a foily die-cut card that talks about him being from Panama and it has the shoulder patch and helmet logo fully visible.

Overall, I like the set. It's too bad that they lost there license and are now getting sued. At least you don't get six insert per pack like you do in Topps.

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