Thursday, February 11, 2010

1987 Topps, Bud Black

#669 Bud Black

Here is the second of four Bud Black cards that I got signed at Fanfest. I had this one and the '83 Fleer card on the same page of my book. I wasn't too particular about which one he signed and was happy that he was nice enough to sign them both.

I've had a long day at work and am going to be cutting this post short. But, I will point out something weird that I am just now realizing. In the autograph line, I did not recognise Bud Black at all. Maybe I am just used to his mustache days as a Royal. When I saw him (maybe it was the lack of a hat?), he looked more like a younger Tim Kurkjian than the Bud Black that I remember.

Bud (whose real name is Harry) spent seven seasons with the Royals. He started and relieved and was a 17 game winner in 1984 and had 9 saves in 1986.

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