Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2000 Fleer Focus, Carlos Febles

#100 Carlos Febles

When I first heard of Carlos Febles, I was watching Sportcenter in 1999. They had a little segment on about Kansas City's "Dos Carlos", Febles and Carlos Beltran. That was the first I had heard about either of them and I was shocked to see that the Royals were getting some national attention. Dos Carlos were tearing it up at the time and ESPN was touting them as the front runners for the Rookie of the Year award. Well, Beltran went on to win the award and Febles didn't even get one vote.

Unfortunately, this Carlos' career only lasted six seasons. His last game was in 2003. For some reason, the injury bug always found him. I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I think a wrist injury was what ended his playing career. The Royals then-GM, Allard Baird, was a big fan of Carlos and Allard wanted to make him a coach. That's how I got this card signed.

I got this card signed two years ago at a Lancaster Jethawks game. Carlos was the 'Hawks hitting coach. The 'Hawks were the Red Sox high-A team at the time and Allard Baird is the Sox assistant to the GM. So, Allard kept his word and took Carlos to the Red Sox organization with him.

Carlos is still the Sox high-A hitting coach. He is now doing that for the Salem Red Sox of the Carolina League.

I have no idea what is going on with Carlos' signature. I think he signed his last name in Chinese.

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