Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1986 Donruss, Mike Boddicker

#8 Mike Boddicker

Here is the second of four Mike Boddicker cards that I got signed at Fanfest. I planned on taking three cards of Mike- one as an Oriole, one as a Red Sock, and one as a Royal. The one Oriole card I planned on taking was the '85 Topps All-Star card I posted yesterday. Then, while I was looking for the card that I'll be posting tonight, I came across this card and could not pass it up. I put both of the Oriole cards on the same page of my book, figuring that he would sign one or the other. Either way, I would have been happy; I just couldn't make the choice myself. He obviously signed both of them, so it worked out very good for me. I love getting 1985 Topps signed, but I think that this one turned out much better.

In 1984, Mike was a 20-game winner. The following year, Topps rewarded him with an All-Star card. In 1985, Mike was a 17-game loser. The following year, Donruss rewarded him with a Diamond King card. I guess that is why Donruss started making Team MVP cards in their 1988 set.

I will be posting two cards a day for the rest of the week. There will be some new names popping up as well as some more Mike Boddickers.

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