Monday, February 8, 2010

1985 Topps, Mike Boddicker

#709 Mike Boddicker

Here is the first of four Mike Boddicker cards that I got signed at Fanfest. I got all four of them signed right after I got my Jim Rooker cards signed. While Jim was signing and selling his books, Mike was in the same area just checking things out and mingling with fans. I didn't recognise who he was, but luckily, he had a jersey on with his name on the back. After I figured that out, I got him to sign my cards.

In 1984, Mike was 20-11 with a 2.79 ERA and 128 Ks. That was the only All-Star team he ever made and he didn't even get to play in the game. That's too bad.

Normally I would write more, but I ended up having to work a double today after staying out too late after last nights game. So, I'm a bit tired. Luckily, I have three more Boddicker cards to go over, including one tomorrow.

I will say that I like Mike's signature. It's not really readable, but it sure looks good. Also, I think that this is the first All-Star card that I have got signed.


Play at the Plate said...

Mike has a great signature. Nice and big...not all scribbly.

Dave said...

I know you're a big fan of this set. I'm beginning to think they may be the best set of the 80s. '89 might be close for me, in terms of design.

For mainstream Topps sets I'd probably rank them in this order: