Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1994 Score, Bud Black

#176 Bud Black

Here is the final Bud Black card from Fanfest. Later on tonight, I will post a card from Fanfest of a player that hasn't been shown on here multiple times over the past two or three weeks.

Here's Harry as a Giant. He pitched for San Francisco for four seasons at the end of his career. He pitched 214.1 innings for them his first year, 177 his second, 93.2 in his third, and only 54.1 in his final season. It looks like his arm was finally wearing out, but he did win more games as a Giant than he lost. He signed with the Indians the following year, but called it quits after 11 appearances.

Bud went into coaching after his playing career was over. He was the Angels pitching coach when they won the World Series in 2002. Currently, he is the skipper of the Padres. For some reason, I didn't even think to look for a managers card to get signed by him.

This is the first '94 Score card that I have got signed by someone not named Jose.

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