Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1994 Ultra, Rondell White

#233 Rondell White

Here is another through the mail success that I had in the mid '90s while Rondell was an Expo. Rondell was a former first-rounder that spent half of his career with the 'Spos before bouncing around to the Cubs, Yankees, Padres, Royals, Tigers, and Twins. He had a few decent years in Montreal, but he never broke the 100 RBI barrier and he only had 20 or more home runs three times in his 15 year career.

In 2003, the Royals picked up Rondell at the trading deadline. He only played in 22 games for the Royals before a hamstring injury shut him down for the year. But in those 22 games, it seemed like he could do no wrong as he batted .347 with 21 RBI. He quickly became a fan favorite in my group and earned the nickname "Ron-D". After the season, the Royals decided not to bring him or Raul Ibanez back. They opted for Juan Gonzalez instead. It has been a downward spiral ever since.

Tomorrow will be my last post until Tuesday. I'm heading down deep into Texas to see the grandparents. I am hoping to be at a game in Ft. Worth on Friday and Arlington on Monday. The Dallas/Ft. Worth area is about the halfway point in the trip, and since I'm riding solo, it will be a good way to break up the drive. Tomorrow just happens to coincide with my last 1994 card. When I get back, I will do my usual rewind to catch up on all of the older cards that I have got since I started the '94s. Hopefully, I will have a signed 1950 card to show on here.

I almost forgot to mention this. Check out the third baseman's pants. Or rather, his lack of socks. I guess that that was a predecessor to today's style? I do not remember that one, myself.

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