Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1959 Topps, Wayne Terwilliger

#496 Wayne Terwilliger

Here is another card of Wayne Terwilliger that I got signed on Friday. I picked this card up off of Ebay around this time last year. When I went to the grandparents then, I was planning on going to an American Association playofff game. All I knew at the time was that Ft. Worth and Grand Prairie were playing each other in the first round. So, one of them was going to host the first game of the championship series. I didn't know who the winner was until I got to my grandparents, so I took this card with me in case Ft. Worth won and I took some Pete Incaviglia cards with me in case Grand Prarie won. Obviously, Grand Prarie won the series. But, at least I was able to get this card signed a year later.

If you look closely at this card, you will notice that it is an uncorrected error card. Athletics is misspelled with an "f" rather than an "e".

This is actually my fourth signed A's card from before their days in Oakland. I now have three KC A's cards and one Philadelphia A's card signed. The only other cards of relocated teams that I have signed (besides the Expos) are a Senators card and a Brooklyn Dodger card.

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