Monday, August 24, 2009

Cards from the Great Orioles Autograph Project

On Saturday, I got an unexpected package in the mail from Ryan of "The Great Orioles Autograph Project". Well, it was almost unexpected since he mentioned in a comment on his blog that he had sent it. In the package was a healthy assortment of Royals cards ranging from 1980 to the present. I have picked out eighteen cards to show on here. All of these cards stood out to me for some reason or another.

2000 Pacific Crown Royale, Mark Quinn- I was a big Mark Quinn fan when he broke in with the Royals. In his first game ever, hit hit two home runs in the game. He went on to hit 45 homers for the Royals in just over two seasons before injuries (like freak kung fu injuries in his basement) derailed his career.

1995 Topps, Juan LeBron- I have never heard of Juan, but I know Carlos Beltran when I see him.

1996 Collector's Choice, Mike Sweeney- An older rookie card of Mike Sweeney from his catching days.

1983 Donruss, Hal McRea- I think that this is from the first Diamond King subset and it is only the second card from the subset that I have. I like the picture in picture.

1992 Bowman, Joe Randa- If Joe is at Royals fanfest this year, this card will be going with me to get signed. I love the Freddy Krueger sweater.

2008 Topps Heritage, Tony Pena- I have no idea who that is pictured on the card, but it is not Tony Pena, Jr. This is the second Royals card from 2008 that I've seen that has the wrong player on it. The first was the Brian Bannister Bowman card that has Luke Hochevar on it.

2007 Tristar, Mike Moustakas- This is the first card that I've got of the Royals 2007 fisrt round draft pick.

2008 Documentury, Mark Teahen- This is only my second Royals card from the set. Of course, the back says nothing about Mark Teahen.

1993 Select, Jeff Conine- Jeff has got to be one of the few players that have had two stints with three different clubs (Kansas City, Florida, and Baltimore).

1960 Topps, Ken Hamlin- This was the only card that he sent me of a player that never played with the Royals. But, Ken obviously played for the KC A's, so it is a welcome bonus. It's pretty beat-up and has a home made update on it, but it is still a cool addition.

2005 Fleer, Matt Stairs- Matt was a fan favorite in Kansas City and probably is wherever he plays. I might send this card out to him to get signed.

1994 Signature Rookies, Jamie Bluma- Jamie only got into 17 games with the Royals, but he is still involved with the franchise and is at Opening Day every year. I wish that I would have had this card in the spring when he came to town to teach a youth clinic. Hopefully, he will come back next year.

2001 Upper Deck Vintage, Jeff Suppan- This is the first card that I have aver seen from this set. This card is from when Jeff was the staff ace.

2008 Topps, Yunieasky Betancourt- Ryan didn't waste any time throwing in one of the newest Royals.

2005 Topps, Aaron Guiel- Here is another scrappy player that was a fan favorite in Kansas City. I was at the first game that Aaron ever played in Kansas City and he threw me a ball after catching the final out of an inning.

1996 Topps Stadium Club, Joe Randa- This is the first time that I have seen this set and I think I like it.

1985 Fleer, Bret Saberhagen- A Bret Saberhagen rookie! Very cool! It's too bad that Bret doesn't ever make it back to Kansas City to sign. I wouldn't mind an autograph from him.

1980 Topps, Darrell Porter- This was the oldest Royals card that was sent. This is probably my fifth card from the set.

So, all in all, Ryan sent me some great cards. There was way too many to show on here individually, but these two scans have a pretty nice cross section of what was sent. Thanks Ryan!

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I'm glad you liked them Zach! I hope that you can get a bunch of them signed soon.