Thursday, August 27, 2009

1981 Donruss, Jerry White

#333 Jerry White

Jerry White is the first base coach of the Twins and I was able to get this card signed last week when the Twins were in Texas. It was an extremely hot day there in Arlington and Jerry was the only person in a Twins uniform that I could get to sign for me. Luckily, he happened to walk out to the area by third base, where I was standing, just before the Twins started taking batting practice. He came over and signed my three cards and then went back to work. Apparently, no one else wanted his autograph.

Besides a few broadcasters, these were the only cards that I got signed that day. I think that I have two reasons for that. The first is the heat. It was around 100 degrees and I doubt that the players wanted to be out there any more than they had to be. As soon as BP was over, they all took off for the clubhouse.

The second reason is the set-up this year at Rangers Ballpark. The Rangers block off the first two rows of seats at the ballpark, so fans can only stand in the isles. It was like that last year, too. But this year, they have the isle blocked off that is between the dugout and the net behind home plate. That was not blocked off last year and that is where I got most of my cards signed. While I may not have got many players there, I probably could have gotten a few more coaches. So, I guess that I was lucky that Jerry ventured out to where I was.

After batting practice, three Twins players went by the stands to talk to friends or family that was at the game. They were Jeff Manship, Carlos Gomez, and Bob Keppel. Carlos was talking three feet away from me. As soon as his conversation was over, I (and a few others) asked if he would sign and he completely ignored everyone. After that, Bob Keppel ran by. This time, I was the only one to ask for his autograph and he blew me off, too. At least he didn't ignore me. He just said "not right now". Finally, Jeff Manship came by and the dehydrated kid next to me asked him to sign. Jeff stopped and signed a few autographs. Unfortunately, I don't have any cards of him.

'81 Donruss Tacker: 24/100

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