Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1978 Topps, John Wathan

#343 John Wathan

I got this card signed at the Willie Wilson Classic this year. I was able to get all of my cards signed as John was walking up to the ballpark from the parking lot. John was mobbed by a ton of fans and he signed for every single one of them. It was cool to see.

John only signed two of my three cards. But after the mob started to thin out, I sent my dad over to get this card signed.

John was the only player playing for the old-time Royals that night that wasn't a member of the team Hall of Fame. But, they needed a catcher and opted for John Wathan over Jamie Quirk. John is almost 60 years old, but he went out there and started the game behind the plate. I was definitely impressed.


Brian said...

That's a great signature. You've gotten a lot of help from your dad at events...does he get into getting the autos too or does he think it's a little nuts. My dad would never go with me. Nice job again.

zman40 said...

My dad loves going to the games, but he is not a big fan of getting autographs. It usually takes some prodding to get him to help me out.

He does, though, do a great job at Royals Fanfest by getting a good spot in line while I am getting cards signed in another line.

Anonymous said...

A sixty-year-old guy starting behind the plate? Even for an old-timers game, I'm impressed.

Tom said...

He must have stayed in pretty good shape over the years.

zman40 said...

I must admit that he was a little slow out of the crouch, but I wouldn't have expected anything else.