Sunday, January 16, 2011

1987 Topps, Roger McDowell

#185 Roger McDowell

Here is the first autograph that I have posted from my recent package from Rod, of Padgrographs fame. This one features the Braves pitching coach, Roger McDowell.

This is the second McDowell card that I have posted on here. I posted the first one on here at the end of 2008 and it was a card that I got signed TTM in the early '90s. Back then, Roger was a good TTM signer, but there was a catch. He would bend one of the corners of the card so that his autograph would be harder to sell. This card has no wrinkles on it, so I doubt that it was signed TTM during Roger's playing days.

The signature on this card is slightly different than the one on the first McDowell card I posted. The main difference is the last name. The "M" on them are completely different and this signature has more stokes in the Dowell part of his name.

I checked and the most recent McDowell signatures on there are from 2008 and he has shortened his last name a great deal in his signature. If I had to make a guess, I would think that this card was signed a few years before I got my first card signed TTM and he has been shortening up his signature ever since.


Anonymous said...

That looks a lot nicer than the autograph I got in person from McDowell in 2009 at CitiField.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Yeah, I got a few McDowell IP autographs in the mid '90s and I pretty much got a large R with two loops. Pretty similar to what Paul got.