Sunday, January 2, 2011

2004 Topps Total, Tommy Murphy

#847 Tommy Murphy

Here is a card that I got signed in Des Moines, Iowa in 2009. Tommy was playing for the visiting Omaha Royals at the time and I was able to get this card signed between games of the doubleheader.

At the time, I hadn't realized that Tommy had some Major League service time. It appears that Tommy got called up by the Angles in 2006 and 2007. He played in 48 games the first year and 20 in the second. His career totals are a .213 batting average with a home run, 8 RBI, and 4 stolen bases in 5 attempts. His lone home run was hit off of Baltimore's Adam Loewen.

After the 2007 season, the Angels granted Tommy his free agency. He played for three different organizations in 2008, including the independent New Jersey Jackals, before landing with the O-Royals in 2009. The O-Royals released him about a month after he signed this card and he hasn't played professionally since.

Only one more '04 Topps Total to go!

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unclemoe said...

Forgot his much I liked Topps Total. Myabe they'll bring it back one day.